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Our practise is excited to have you consider a full-time position with us. Our clinic is based on client-centred care that thrives to obtain optimum function of all our clients. Our existing staff are built on a close-knit empathetic base that achieves phenomenal results as a team. We employ physiotherapists, kinesiologists and massage therapists in order to provide well- rounded care. Support and collaboration are vital.

Our clientele consists of all ages including MVA's, WCB, orthopaedics, vestibular rehab, and woman's health. The clinic is well known in the area and word of mouth is vital in our referrals.

We are happy to provide mentorship on your journey with us.

Please email with your resume or for more information regarding our clinic and the position.

Thank-you for your consideration,

Callingwood Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic